The Best React Native App for Magento2 eCommerce Websites

React Native App for Magento2 eCommerce Websites:

Hubay enables you to build mobile apps for your Magento2 eCommerce websites. We are pleased to provide you with the following benefits:

  • Cross-platform mobile apps for AppStore and GooglePlay.

  • Easy customization of colors to match your store brand.

  • All essentials elements of an eCommerce app (i.e. sign up, sign in, home, product list, cart, checkout, payment gateway).

  • Build your app within 5 minutes only.

  • Clean and simple design with awesome user experience.

  • Integration with Magento2 websites.

Full documentation of React Native app for Magento2 eCommerce websites

Our code is written with React Native and Redux frameworks. You can easily integrate your website with the mobile app via REST-API for Magento2.

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