Setup PayPal Gateway

How to integrate with PayPal ?

Hubay app is integrated with PayPal gateway. To integrate your app with the payment gateway you need to have an account with To apply for an account with PayPal click here

There are two parameters to be configured in src -> app -> common -> Config.js

1. Environment:


2. ClientId:


You need to replace the above parameters in Config.js file as follows:

Environment: PayPal.SANDBOX,
ClientId: 'AQMnlPwVOrcnwowKy_Xh6DCb7sLqNxumYcsG0YiBs0IMMOLD_1I-Ve7bs729H4LQSmW723BOl-qg40ba'

If you are running the PayPal test mode, then you need to use PayPal.SANDBOX otherwise you should use the production environment PayPal.PRODUCTION

Also you have to generate a client id. To generate for SANDBOX client id click here.