1. Need support ?

If you are facing issues and need help, please contact us via the below link:

We will be publishing awesome updates in the next version, so please share your views via the above link.

2. Common Issues:

2.1 Not able to unlock the iOS project ?

After installing the NPM and running the app, you might get a warning screens as follows :

To resolve this, please follow the below steps:

  • Right click on the Hubay folder and click Get Info

  • Scroll down to Sharing & Permissions

  • Ensure that everyone has Read & Write permission

  • Then click Apply to enclosed items

  • Finally reopen the project file again and the issue will disappear.

This might need a super user privileges, so please enter your password when you are asked for.

2.2 Getting error when your run the app in iOS ?

Do you get the follwoing error when you try to run the app for iOS ?

CocoaPods Not Installed

Then you need to install pod in the iOS folder as follows :

$ cd Hubay
$ cd ios
$ pod install